Managing Shipping

Managing Shipping How you choose to ship your products is a key element to the management and success of your store. You must account for the great variety of available methods, which can mix carriers, regional and international taxes, package weight and the price of a product itself. Luckily, YourShop makes it easy for you to […]

Catalog price rules

Catalog price rules Catalog price rules enable you to assign price reductions by category, manufacturer, supplier, attribute or feature. As its name implies, this type of rules applies to a range of products; it cannot be used for a single product. If you need a discount applied to a single product, you must create a […]

Cart Rules

Cart Rules The “Cart rules” page gives you access to an advanced tool that succeeds and builds upon the voucher system from YourShop 1.0. Seasoned users of YourShop will not be surprised with the features that were added, but will have to adapt to the new name: when this guide mentions vouchers, we are actually talking […]

Creating Price Rules and Vouchers

Creating Price Rules and Vouchers Vouchers play an important role in your daily relationships with your customers. Typically, customers like two things when shopping: Feeling special, unique. Getting good prices. Both can be achieved with personalized discounts, and this is precisely where vouchers come into play – or more precisely, price rules. “Price rules” can […]

Social Titles

Social Titles The social title tool helps you better define your customers: in the customers list, you can choose to only display customers having a given social title. Modules may also rely on social titles for certain features. Clicking on the “Add new” button brings you to a form: Social title. You can choose anything, […]

Your Contacts

Your Contacts To facilitate communication with your clients, you can create multiple contact accounts. For example: customer service, technical support, sales department, etc. This feature allows your customers to directly contact the right person according to their needs. Creating a new contact In order for the message to be redirected to the intended recipient, you […]

Customer Service

Customer Service YourShop enables you to centralize all the customers’ request within its confines. This helps you keep track of which discussion threads needs answering, rather than having to check with all the recipients of the mail to see if someone did answer it. In practice, the contact form of YourShop, available under the “Contact us” […]

Shopping Carts

Shopping Carts YourShop  contains some very powerful marketing features that enable you to see the products that customers are adding to their carts in real time. There are two ways to achieve this: Go to the “Clients” page in the “Clients” menu, find the customer you are looking for, and view his or her customer […]

Customer Groups

Customer Groups YourShop  enables you to give your customers certain privileges, by assigning them to Groups. You can create as many customer groups as needed, and assign a user to as many groups as you like. This is all done from the “Groups” page, under the “Customers” menu. By default, three special groups are available: […]

Customer addresses

Customer addresses By clicking on the “Addresses” page, you will have access to the list of your customer’s addresses (home, work, etc.). You can edit them using the “Edit” button, or delete them altogether. Below the addresses table is the “Set required fields for this section” button. It opens a form where you can indicate […]