Tax Rules

Tax Rules Icon Tax rules make it so that taxes are only applied to select countries. By default in YourShop, a tax applies to all countries/states/zones. In order to apply a specific tax rate for a single country or a set of countries (and not some others), you must create a tax rule. The tax […]


Taxes Icon Taxes are a complex subject, which should be fully understood as it can have a significant impact on your product prices or your shipping fees. While this user-guide is not meant to teach all the ins-and-outs of taxes, we will try our best to give you pointers. Taxes are “compulsory contribution to state […]


Currencies YourShop can accept a large number of currencies. By default, there is only one standard currency: the one for your country. However, you must add and configure new currencies depending on your customers’ needs. Indeed, customers will appreciate the ability to display YourShop prices in their country’s currency. The two sections at the bottom of the […]


States By “States”,YourShop calls first-level administrative divisions of a country. In the United-States, they are called states; in Italy, it is regioni (singular: regione); in France, it is régions; in the United-Kingdom, it is regions. By default, YourShop provides you with a set of states: 54 US states and territories, 31 Mexican estados, 13 Canadian provinces […]


Countries Your YourShop installation must know all existing countries in order for your customers to clearly indicate where in the world they live. There are roughly 200 countries in the World, but YourShop has 244 registered. This is because some countries include overseas regions are part of the country proper. For instance, the French departments formerly known […]


Zones YourShop zones are a list of the world’s subregions ( It helps categorize countries. If needed, you can create more zones: click on “Add New” to display the creation form. All you need is a name and a status, for instance indicating that you do not allow deliveries in Oceania. When in multistore mode, you […]


Languages YourShop comes multilingual out of the box: there is one default language (the one you used to install it), and many more are available to download. The “Languages” page manages the languages you will see in your back office and YourShop. The page displays the languages already installed on YourShop, along with some information: ISO […]


Localization The main page under the “Localization” menu enables you to configure the units used for your products. Import Localization Pack This section provides you with an extensive list of existing localization packs which you can import. Not only does it set your YourShop install with your proper local units, but it also adds many other […]

Understanding Local Settings

As obvious as it might seem, this is the Internet, and people from all over the world will certainly visit YourShop, and order your products. As a shop owner, you must cater for as many customers as possible. This means having your website fully translated in as many languages as necessary, with local taxes, weights […]

Shipping Preferences

Shipping Preferences The more general settings of you shop’s shipping configuration are found in the “Shipping” page, under the “Shipping” menu. This page provides handling charges settings: Handling charges. Enter the per-order handling expenses, which will be added to the final purchase price. This is separate from your shipping costs: it is really the cost […]