Search Preferences

Search Preferences The “Search” page enables you to configure your shop’s search features. Aliases list When customers make a request using your shop’s internal search engine, they may make mistakes in spelling. If YourShop does not display the right results, the “alias” feature can address them. You will be able to take words containing spelling […]

Store Contacts Preferences

Store Contacts Preferences YourShop provides a complete physical store locating tool for your customers, with detailed contact information. Customers can reach the Store Locator page from the front office. Obviously, this feature is only useful if you do have physical stores, where customers can come buy products. Icon You cannot disable this feature, but you […]

CMS – Managing Static Content

CMS – Managing Static Content YourShop enables you create content pages as easily as you would create product pages, using its CMS tool. The pages will appear to customers in the “Information” block on your homepage and in the site menu. You can add CMS pages in the top menu using the “Top horizontal menu” […]

SEO & URLs Preferences

SEO & URLs Preferences   The tools on this page help you improve the presence of your YourShop site on web searches, and therefore reach more potential customers. Icon SEO means “search engine optimization”. It represents a set of techniques and best practices aimed at improving the visibility of a website on search engines. You […]

Customers Preferences

Customers Preferences The “Customers” page bring together specifically customer-related options, most notably the B2B mode. Registration process type. You can let visitors create a new account without any immediate obligation to register an address, or force them to register an address as soon as they create their account. The first option makes it quicker to […]

Products Preferences

Products Preferences This page contains a few preferences pertaining to how your products are to be handled and displayed by YourShop. General preferences Catalog mode. Enabling catalog mode turns your shop into a simple gallery of products, with no way to buy the items whatsoever. Product comparison. Set the maximum number of products that can […]

Orders Preferences

Orders Preferences The settings from the “Orders” preference page apply to the orders that your customers make, but also to some other details, such as gifting. General preferences Order process type. By default, the customer has to go through 5 steps in order to complete the checkout process, each on a different page. However, you […]

Understanding the Preferences

The “YourShop” menu enables you to configure and fine-tune some of your shop’s details. These include a lot of different aspects of the shop, from technical settings to the customer’s shopping experience. Therefore, all of the Preferences options should be carefully examined, and you should consider each option, as enabling or disabling any of them […]

Adding Products and Product Categories

Adding Products and Product Categories The “Catalog” section is accessible by clicking on the tab with the same name. This is where you manage all of your products throughout your Shop e-commerce solution. The first page under the “Catalog” tab looks like this In the “Categories” section, you can create different product classifications using the […]


Translations provides you with full translation tool for YourShop. This helps you add and edit your pages translations. This way, you are the master of YourShop, and can handle your translated strings without having to wait for official translators to publish their corrections. Even if you do not want to correct the translators’ work, you […]